Sunday, September 5, 2010

Searching out the sun

This morning, Stella flew over to our kitchen island, in search of the sun:She really shouldn't be on the island, as she is attracted to things she shouldn't destroy, like apples. It's safer if she's on a stand. I moved her stand so that she could be in the path of the sun:
But then she turned around and was more interested in what was going on inside the house than outside:
Shortly after I took this picture, she hopped back on to the island, so I put her back on the stand, where she stayed until it was time to go back in her cage.


Shannon said...

Lovely shots! and lovely Stella, beautiful as ever.

HungryBird said...

Your site is very beautiful. I'm sure you must prepare fantastic meals for your birds. I would love to see pictures of the food you give them because I am crazy like that! Do you make toys for them? What kinds of pellets do you offer?

Mary said...

Hi Shannon -- thanks! The shadow one turned out artsier than anticipated, so I was pleased :)

Hungry Bird -- I will take pictures over the next few days and write a post addressing your questions!

I feed mostly Harrison's pellets. My greys get Harrison's High Potency; the others get a mix of Harrison's High Potency, Harrison's pepper, Harrison's power treats, and Goldenfeast Goldenobles.

I do make toys for them, but also buy some -- depends on how lazy I am feeling!!!