Monday, September 27, 2010

Stella wants to be friends

Things have been ridiculously crazy for me lately, so posting has been a bit more sporadic than usual, and I've barely been able to read any blogs, so I will be catching up with everyone on a delay. Have been taking very few pictures at home, but things are pretty much normal.

Except that Stella appears to want to befriend Max, who wants nothing to do with her. This is the scene I came upon last Thursday when I got home late:Thomas had had the parrots' food dishes lined up on the counter, and the greys flew over to help themselves. He said that Stella moved her dish closer and closer to Max's until the dishes were touching! Max was not pleased with this, so she flew away and then Stella started eating out of Max's dish. Had I been home ten minutes earlier, I would have had some of that on camera!

And here's Stella, looking at Max, and Max, pointedly ignoring Stella:In the shower, they start on opposite ends. Stella slowly makes her way toward Max, until she's about a foot away. Then she slowly moves closer to Max, a centimeter or so at a time, until she's only an inch or so away:Max continues to forage in our kitchen; helping herself to some spaghetti squash:Which is healthier than Stella helping herself to Thomas's toast this morning!Over the weekend, I was transferring some pellets into a different container. Rocky grabbed a pellet and started throwing it around. Stella then flew over and ate it -- strange as it was a Harrison's pepper and not high potency pellet. Usually she is more discerning!Steve meets his new owner in just two days! We can't wait!

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D. Richard said...

I know that there is no sure answer but is there any place to go to see what kind of birds get along with each other . You have quite a mixture and you get along . If you start with several timid birds , is one going to emerge the alpha any way . I also know that size means nothing . Parrotlets are very aggressive towards other birds species. I have currently 1 quaker very timid , i GCC , Was timid , came from a house full of CAG's, 2 Fischers and 1 peach face . The peach face is the most aggressive and the GCC second and they hate each other so I have to keep them separated by rooms not just cages .
Any thoughts ?