Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Short stories

I was in the middle of reading the paper yesterday when I had to walk away for a minute. Apparently Stella likes to stay informed:*************************
It's a bit hard to see from this photo, but Beeps's beak was so messy last night! The rest of the parrots were in the kitchen with me, so he went around to everyone else's cages and ate the best parts of their dinner. Yet he looks so innocent!
Stella's obsession with Thomas continues. He was doing his neti pot, and she had to fly over and be as close as possible to him.
She is perching on his neck!
Max was a little jealous of the attention Stella was getting as I snapped her picture; she flew over and demanded some attention of her own:


D.Richard said...

I have a peach faced lovebird that also demands attention seems to be quite happy but the moment you let her out she wants to bite . She will fly straight from the cage to your head or shoulder and within seconds will draw blood from your neck . I thought she was just hand shy and bites when she sees your hands so this last time I deliberately kept my hands down and away, and within 30 seconds she drew blood . Have you had a problem like this and how did you handle it ?

Mary said...

Hello, and thanks for the comment! I wrote up a new post on this since it was so long:

Good luck and let me know how things go!

Joe said...

Love these pics. They are quite entertaining. Whenever I feed my African Grey in his birdcage, he makes quite a mess. I think he enjoys flinging his food out of his bowl as much as he does eating it. Cleaning the birdcage after meals was always a chore. I finally got a parrot cage that has a removable floor from Cages By Design That’s helped a lot in making my clean-up easier. Gotta love those messy parrots!!