Friday, September 3, 2010

Pellet thief

This morning, I had Steve's wrapped pellets on the table. I'd already hidden half in his cage, but I wait to hide the other half until just before I leave; otherwise he finds them too early and I worry about him going hungry the rest of the day. I know, an extra hour or two really doesn't make a big difference, but it does in my head!

Max was also out, and while I was reading the paper, she ran over, furtively grabbed a wrapped pellet, and flew back to the chair to eat. As though this was cheese or something else she needs to sneak. She can eat as many pellets as she wants!There was still plenty for Steve!I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend. I hope to here! I'm doing a 22 mile training run tomorrow morning, then volunteering at a 24 hour race. That's right -- people run, for 24 hours, around a track. The winner is the person who accumulates the most miles. I'm only volunteering for 3 hours, and when I wake up the next morning, they'll still be out there!!!

In comparison, marathons are very sane!

It's finally cooled down, so we hope to do some birding (I have a line on a great horned owl who roosts near my friend's house -- I told my friend not to be alarmed if he sees us sitting outside his house with binoculars -- we're not spying on him, just the owl!)

And hopefully tons of time with the parrots!

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