Thursday, September 30, 2010

Goodbye, Steve!

Yesterday, I got to meet (for the first time in person!) a dear blog friend. Some of you may have guessed who Steve was going to...he's off to live with Shannon! Shannon read about Steve on this blog, felt a pull towards him, and decided to take him in.

It was great to meet Shannon -- she was as wonderful as I thought she'd be -- I only wish we lived closer! Her house will just be perfect for Steve. And he likes her already! Twice, when she approached him yesterday, he let out a fun whistle. It will take time for them to bond and form a relationship, but Shannon has worked with scared parrots successfully before and is willing to put forth the effort to win him over. I could not have asked for a better home for him, and I'm just so excited this has worked out so well!

Here's a picture of his carrier, waiting for him this morning. We threw in three of his favorite toys, about 20 wrapped Harrison's pellets, and a dish with a little bit of water filled with watery vegetables/fruits (cucumber, apple, strawberry):Shannon will also be able to slightly open the carrier and offer him water and/or juice on a spoon.

Here's my last picture of Steve, in his carrier. He's biting his nails, but since the screen is in the way, it kind of looks like he's waving goodbye:
I got an e-mail from Shannon saying that they'd made it through security just fine and were waiting to board the plane. Right now, as I type this, they are in the air.

I may have periodic Steve updates here, but for more Steve action, and to watch his continued progress, check out Shannon's blog!


Elizabeth said...

How did I not make this connection?! I saw Shannon's post about a new addition...and yet! I'm so happy about this news because I've fallen in love with Steve and now I can track his progress. Yay!!!

Anonymous said...

I told myself not to cry when he left because it meant progress. But, tears are streaming down my face anyway.
He's a lucky bird to have such a wonderful re-start with you and "Thomas" and to be going to someone who will love him just as much.

Happy Trails, Steve

Lucky's mom