Friday, September 10, 2010

Steve retrieves

Disclaimer: this is a horrible video! The retrieve trick pretty much requires three hands to do properly, so throw in a camera, and I needed four hands.

Usually I make Steve stretch a bit more to put the bead in the cup; for example I'll hold the cup at head-level, or make him stretch his head to the left or right. In this video, he does stretch a little in front of him, but he is actually more advanced in this trick than the video indicates.


shannon said...

What a smart little guy he is!

Mary said...

Yes; he is very smart! I wish I could get on video him stretching to get the bead in the container -- this video kind of looks like he didn't have a choice (though he did hold on to the bead until it was time to put it in the container). He knows what he's doing and learned this so quickly!

The retrieve is the base for tons of tricks, so I think his new owner will have a lot of fun with this one!